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It's Only Rock 'n' Roll but It Feels Like Love

It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll But It Feels Like Love

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booklet_cover_jerzee_iorr_1Jerzees third long player “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll but It Feels Like Love has been released now. The international independent production unites the great voice of Jerzee and a modern Electro Rock style with traditional music elements as one would expect for a production of Americas music capital of Nashville. In other words Hamburg meets Nashville and Electro Rock meets Americana and Folk. Get your physically copy to take a cool artwork in your hand and listen to the crystal-clear sound quality made by Jeff Silverman of Palette Music-Studio-Productions Nashville.

10 Tracks - 6 pages Digiapack - 12 pages Booklet - ONLY € 14.99 
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"Jerzee hat etwas Mutiges gewagt, das Geschmäcker sicher spalten kann – aber so in der Musiklandschaft bisher noch nicht vorgekommen ist. Sie mischt echten, melodischen Rock mit Elektrobeats. Ihre Stimme erinnert dabei durchaus manchmal ein wenig an Jennifer Rush oder Melissa Etheridge. Eine gewöhnungsbedürftige, aber spannende und sehr frische Verbindung."


Personal Note

A lot of things happened in the time as we did the record. We started in 2010. Now it is 2014. Things changed around the world, in your life and in my life, but there are still things that will never change. Love, family and friends and to be true to who you are that are the most important things in life.
Everyday is a journey. Everyday can change everything. If you believe in that you can change everything in your life. Music is still a big power to speak, to make people feel and let me feel to be alive.

This record shows a journey through a lot of different things and feelings. I hope you can hear that and feel that. I am happy if you like my music and sometimes in life this record can hold you or make you smile or dance or cry. What ever, if this record is a little part of your life my work is done.

I wish you all the best out there. I wish for everybody a lot of love and peace.
Its only rock and roll but it feels like love.




Jeff Silverman

Producer, Nashville Tennessee

With her new "universal" sound and appeal, I feel Jerzee will achieve great international recognition and success in the not so distant future!


Manch einer hält Jerzee für einen Paradiesvogel mit Hang zur Selbstinszenierung. Andere unterstellen der ausgeprägt selbstbewussten Blondine ein exzentrisches Auftreten. An ihrer frischen Art, Musik zwischen Rock, Folk, Dance und Elektro zu machen, scheiden sich die Geister – beste Voraussetzungen für eine musikalische Karriere, die sich Jerzee über einen langen Zeitraum hart erarbeitet hat.

Als Heranwachsende mixt sie gern inspirierende Techno-Tracks. Später versucht sie sich am Covern solch außergewöhnlicher Künstlerinnen wie der holländischen Rockerin Anouk. Später beweist sie ihr gesangliches Talent im Background von Jeanette Biedermann. Doch Jerzee will sich einfach nicht anpassen. Ein Platz in der zweiten Reihe – das passt nicht zu ihr.

Fast zwangsläufig fällt ihre Entscheidung, eigene Musik zu machen. So greift Jerzee zur Gitarre, lernt die notwendigsten Griffe, gewinnt mit ihren ersten Kompositionen den Deutschen Rock- und Pop-Preis und veröffentlicht Ende 2007 ihr erstes Album. Vom mäßigen Erfolg der Eigenproduktion lässt sich Jerzee nicht entmutigen; sie glaubt weiter fest an sich und ihr Talent. Grund genug dazu hat sie allemal: Immerhin gelangte ihre erste Single in etliche Playlists großer deutscher Radiostationen – und das ganz aus eigener Kraft und ohne die überlegene Marketingunterstützung großer Plattenfirmen.

So auffällig sich Jerzee inszeniert, so bodenständig arbeitet sie an den nächsten Schritten. Sie tourt beständig quer durch Europa und präsentiert bei jeder Gelegenheit ihren ebenso außergewöhnlichen wie eingängigen Musikstil: eine Mischung aus Folkrock und Elektropop.

Gestärkt vom Rückhalt in den USA  produzierte Jerzee gemeinsam mit Jeff Silverman ihrem dritten Tonträger. Jeff hat die amerikanische Rocklegende Rick Springfield produziert und unter anderem für Künstler wie Boyz to Men, Paula Abdul, Prince, Richard Marx und Barbra Streisand gearbeitet.

Opinions are divided over Jerzee. With her fresh kind of music between rock, folk, dance and electro she moves in her own way. Jerzee is a free bitch with an addiction to selfstaging and sometimes you might think the cheeky blonde is fancy. She is a woman who knows what she wants. Jerzee has put in a lot of hard work and time to create the best circumstances for her career.

As an adolescent she liked to produce catchy techno tracks. She then began to imitate such inspiring singers as the dutch rockstar Anouk. Later she improved her vocal talent as a background singer for Jeanette Biedermann, one of the big German popstars of the last decade.

But her place is not in the shadow of others. Jerzee wants to rock all the way to the top. Inescapably Jerzee maked her decision to write own songs and to play her own music. Thus Jerzee took the guitar, learned the most necessary chords, won in 2005 with her first compositions the German rock and pop award, published in late 2007 her first album and two years later an EP.

However from the moderate success of her own-label records she does not let herself become discouraged and still believes firmly in herself and her talent - Jerzee has always reason enough to. After all, her first single release had reached countless playlists on big German radio stations.

With both feet on the ground she is working on her dream. 

The new album “It’s Only Rock’n Roll But It Feels Like Love” is produced by Jeff Silverman.

Jeff Silverman is a veteran producer, engineer, songwriter, accomplished musician, singer and music/audio editor and composer for film and tv. He is also a former (LA) Motown staff songwriter and the owner/operator of Palette Music Studio Productions.

Recent Projects: Co-produced, co-wrote and performed on “From The Vault (A Collection of works by Rick Springfield and Jeff Silverman)” with Multi-Platinum artist, Rick Springfield which was released on Frontiers Records in March 2010. Produced, co-wrote and performed on 10 songs for the up and coming CD by Grammy & CMA award nominee, Michael Peterson.

In addition to his credits for engineering on the Emmy Nominated “MISTS OF AVALON,” Jeff has mixed, mastered and edited for artists such as: Charice, Boyz to Men, David Cassidy, George Clinton, Paula Abdul, Prince, Richard Marx & Barbra Streisand and Stephen Bishop. Other collaborations, productions and projects include: B.J. Thomas, Nick Gilder Brenda K. Starr, Jaya, Chico and Bunny Debarge, Tim Weisberg, Jaki Graham, Donna Cruz, Debra Lyn, Aeone, Kori Carothers, Chronic Edge, 7 Horses, Oxford Train and recently, Christina Reese, Tyler Reese, Elisa Fiorillo and Jerzee.